Course Set For The World Record Relay Attempt

Course Set For The World Record Relay Attempt

The Night Train Swimmers have formally decided their world record relay attempt with a straight-line distance of 339 statute miles (545.5K).

This is a bit further than their originally planned distance of 331 statute miles, although the team all knows they will actually swim further. “However, we reserve the option of continuing on if, by some chance, another relay does or will attempt to go further,” explains team captain Vito Bialla.

We will swim from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then back again to San Francisco if we need to. We will be swimming without Shark Shields (as is normally the case for those who attempt swims to the Farallon Islands).

They will be swimming in one-hour rotations every sixth hour throughout the 7-8 day journey and have the right stuff (mental and physical), logistical support and navigational support to achieve their goal.

Photo shows lead-off man Phil Cutti swimming off the California coast.

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Steven Munatones