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Coaches Education

Course Description
This is a comprehensive Open Water Swimming Coaches Education Program for pool swimming coaches, triathlete coaches, masters swimming coaches, fitness coaches, endurance sports coaches and multi-sport coaches. Are you interested in learning the details of open water swimming and the best and most current practices and methodologies of the sport?

What to expect in this course…
The certification program will educate interested individuals on everything from proper swimming techniques to race tactics. Individuals who pass the program will be able to safely coach young children in short introductory open water swims as well as escort marathon swimmers in the English Channel.

An Overview

  • Open Water Safety
  • Marine Environment
  • History of the Sport
  • Best Practices
  • Pyramid of Success
  • Equipment
  • Psychology

Certification Levels

  • Level 1 – a score of 75% correct answers on the WOWSA test .
  • Level 2 – a score of 80% and coach 1 athlete who has completed a 5 KM swim in open water.
  • Level 3 – A score of 85% and one athlete who has completed a 10KM Swim in open water.
  • Level 4 – A score of 90% and coaching of one athlete who has completed a 25 KM swim, or competed in a national championship event.
  • Level 5 – A score of 95% and coaching 1 athlete who has competed in the Olympic Games or an international championship event or completed a channel crossing.

A Real Educational Program with High Quality Course Material…
This Education Program is based upon Steven Munatones’ book Open Water Swimming.

Program Registration Fee: $125 USD
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A PDF Copy of the Course Textbook is included in the course materials
Open Water Swimming by Steven Munatones


  1. Enroll in the Coaches Education Program
  2. Review course materials in the materials section
    Open Water Swimming by Steven Munatones
    Open Water Safety Conference Videos
  3. Proceed through the course content and mark each module “complete” as you go
  4. Once you’ve completed the course, you will receive a link to the online exam
  5. Once you’ve completed the exam, you will be prompted to provide verification of the highest achievement one of your swimmers has achieved
  6. WOWSA will review your exam, documentation, and within 3 days, will issue your certification at the appropriate level

If you are taking this course, the allure of open water swimming has captured your attention. For some of us, this attraction to the open water started at an early age; for others, the bug was caught later in life.

Wherever you are, whatever your age, whenever you started or whoever you coach, this course intends to share with you a comprehensive array of open water swimming information that will benefit you and your athletes.

Our sport – like the waters we train and compete in – is ever-changing and this course and our collective body of knowledge will also expand and adapt as the sport develops.

Open water swimming means different things to different people – freedom to pit yourself against the elements, a challenge of mind and body, a change from chlorinated pools, a means to become fit.

A Real Educational Program with High Quality Course Material…
This Education Program is based upon Steven Munatones’ book Open Water Swimming.

Course Textbook
Open Water Swimming by Steven Munatones (included in course materials)

Download the book here

Open Water Safety Conference Videos

1. Introduction
Steve Munatones and Rob Butcher open up the conference. The Open Water Safety Conference was held March 19-20, 2011 in San Francisco.

2. Keynote Speaker
7-time world champion Shelley Taylor-Smith gives the keynote speech.

3. Chris Brewster
U.S. Lifesaving Association President Chris Brewster provides an overview from a lifesaving professional’s point of view.

4. Ralph Goto
Ralph Goto, administrator from the Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division, city and county of Honolulu, provides an overview from a lifesaving professional’s point of view.

5. Inherent Risks
The inherent risks of open water swimming, with Steve Munatones, Chris Sheean, Eric Juneau, Ralph Goto, Jim Wheeler.

6. Current Rules
Current rules and guidelines used in open water swimming, with Steve Munatones, Lynn Hazlewood, Shelly Taylor-Smith, John Dussliere, David Robinson, Marcia Cleveland.

7. Emergencies and Contingencies
Emergencies and contingencies, with Steve Munatones, Chris Brewster, Bob Placak, Kate Alexander, Capt. Brent Jacobsen, Dale Petranech, Mike Carr.

8. Safety in Ocean Swims
Steven Munatones, Kaia Hedlund, Malcolm Cooper, Lt. Greg Buchanan, Joel Wilson, Dale Petranech, Ralph Goto

9. Safety in Lake Swims
Steven Munatones, Chris Sheean, Karen Reeder, Lynn Hazlewood, Dick Sidner, David Robinson

10. Safety in Marathon Swims
Steven Munatones, Paul Asmuth, Shelley Taylor-Smith, Eric Juneau, John Dussliere, Marcia Cleveland

11. Safety in River Swims
Glenda Carroll, David Robinson, Lisa Hazen, Jim Wheeler, David Barra

12. Safety in Warm Water
Dr. Jim Miller, Ralph Goto, Liz Tucker

13. Safety in Cold Water
Dr. Jim Miller, Paul Asmuth, Eric Juneau, Marcia Cleveland

14. Equipment Used in Races
Steven Munatones, Bruce Wigo, Morty Berger, Dick Sidner, Bob Placak, Mike Carr, Chris Brewster, Liz Tucker

15. What Swimming Can Learn From Other Sports
Dr. Jim Miller, Bruce Wigo, Lt. Greg Buchanan, Capt. Brent Jacobsen, Jim Wheeler

16. Closing Speech: Maddy Crippen
Maddy Crippen from the Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation provides the closing speech for the conference.




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