How To Train For Open Water Swimming In A Pool With Coach Joe Zemaitis

How To Train For Open Water Swimming In A Pool With Coach Joe Zemaitis

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Ready to transition from the pool to open water?

This course, led by renowned coach and open water swimmer Joe Zemaitis, is designed to help swimmers and coaches smoothly transition from pool swimming to the unpredictable environment of open water. His philosophy emphasizes building confidence and competence in every swimmer, making complex transitions from pool to open water both manageable and rewarding.

Whether you’re preparing for a local open water event or the iconic Alcatraz swim, this course provides the knowledge and skills to build confidence and competence in any open water.

You will learn about the essential skills, from sighting and buoy turns to adapting your stroke for choppy conditions and overcoming mental barriers. With Joe’s guidance, you’ll gain the confidence and competence needed to tackle any open water scenario.

This course also features a special section dedicated to the legendary Alcatraz swim, offering insider tips on navigating tides, identifying landmarks, and handling the unique start from the boat. Joe’s expertise offers invaluable insights and training that can help you “escape” your limitations and achieve your goals.

Embrace the challenge, master the techniques, and swim with confidence under the expert guidance of coach Joe Zemaitis.