Open Water Swimming for Triathletes

Open Water Swimming for Triathletes

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You don’t need a passport to cross it, but the shoreline is a distinct border marking the beginning of the open water world, where rules and expectations are very different than land. If you cannot see the bottom, the open water is endless and unknown, leading to a captivating adventure or an overwhelming experience—and sometimes both.

Humans have walked and ran for millennia. But the first leg of the triathlon causes anxiety for many; in swimming, technique is more important than endurance, and being efficient is more beneficial than having a high VO2max. You may be able to endure discomfort while biking and running, but you can’t fight mother nature in the water. The right approach and some good advice will go a long way to helping you stay relaxed and enjoy your open water swim.

Course Description

Created in collaboration with Steven Munatones, The Godfather of Open Water Swimming, & the staff at World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA), this course is a short, fun and educational preview of what to expect and how to succeed in the swim leg of your triathlon.

An Overview

  • 2 Golden Rules
  • Open Water Basics
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Essential Gear
  • Swim Leg Tips
  • Your Open Water Journey
  • Bonus Advice

This Education Program is based upon Steven Munatones’ book Open Water Swimming. Course Textbook Open Water Swimming by Steven Munatones (included in course materials) Download the book here