Courtney Moates Paulk Achieves History's First Double Triple Crown

Courtney Moates Paulk Achieves History’s First Double Triple Crown

Courtney Moates Paulk completed a two-way crossing of the English Channel in 27 hours 36 minutes on August 3rd.  She is now the first person in history to have completed a Double Triple Crown.

A Double Triple is a double accomplishment of the traditional Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming where an open water swimmer must complete a solo two-way crossing of the English Channel, a solo two-way crossing of the Catalina Channel and a double circumnavigation swim of Manhattan Island.

Her journey to achieve history’s first Double Triple Crown was not easy. Her swim was her fourth career attempt to complete a double crossing. But that was not the only obstacle as she recalled, “The oddest [of this crossing] was when a seagull tried to eat my toe and then continued to harass me.”

Along the way, the Virginia resident has swum four times around Manhattan Island, across the Catalina Channel four separate times, and across the English Channel six times. In 2017, Moates Paulk completed the 91.6 km 40 Bridges Swim in 20 hours 15 minutes. Ten weeks later, she swam from the mainland of California to Catalina Island and back in 33 hours 13 minutes.

She is engaging, personable attorney who shared her Marathon Swim Story with Shannon Keegan last year:

Moates Paulk appeared on anr WOWSA Live episode with Ned Denison, David Smith PhD, and Vicki Keith talking about having hallucinations during their long marathon swims.

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