COVID-19's Impact On Crossings Of The Strait of Gibraltar

COVID-19’s Impact On Crossings Of The Strait of Gibraltar

COVID-19’s Impact On Crossings Of The Strait of Gibraltar

Courtesy of Laura Gutiérrez Díaz, Strait of Gibraltar, Spain-Morocco.

Spain has been one of the hot spots of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (see here for data from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center).

But hope reigns.

Laura Gutiérrez Díaz and her partners of the Asociación Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar (ACNEG) are on their second week of the confinement.

She reports from Spain, “Now it seems that the effects of this measure are working. No one can know when we can end of this health crisis. About our season in the Strait of Gibraltar, we are making decision over time and analyzing the effects of the measures.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: Judging from the current situation, what is the situation regarding crossing the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco?

Laura Gutiérrez Díaz: At the moment, only April crossings are cancelled. We are making decisions according to the government’s recommendations and measures. But we are in contact with the swimmers who may be affected.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: If swimmers have already paid their fees and escort boats, what do you recommend they do?

Laura Gutiérrez Díaz: Swimmers who have dates only paid the reservation, and in the way that they are affected with this situation the Association offers other possibilities, other dates this season or next.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: How late in the season can athletes cancel for any reason? What do you recommend the channel swimmers do at this time given what we know and do not know?

Laura Gutiérrez Díaz: We recommend following our instructions. We will inform the swimmers as soon as we know about the situation here and we will advise you to report your situation in your country. Together we can look for an option, but first we believe that in facing this situation, it is better to act step-by-step looking at how everything is going.

Also, in case of that we cannot be ready for attempt a crossing, the Association is flexible. Our minimum quality standards guarantee that we respect the optimal condition of and for the swimmers. That is why we recommend that you do not stop training at home. On our social networks, we give you resources to keep fit.

Here in Spain, we started the confinement before other countries. It is a reality that other countries will start it soon, so everything happens at different times. It is with this premise that we are working on the reorganization. Swimmers of the season who can come earlier can give dates that they cannot come at that time. And swimmers who need to postpone now can accept the cancellation of swimmers who can’t travel or don’t feel fit later. Anyway, if the weather allows it, we will make the season longer.

I hope this information helps all our swimmers to stay calm about this situation and gives them all the courage to get out of this situation. Now is the time to take care of ourselves and in this way our people.

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Video above shows Australians Ky Hurst and Brendan Capell and Americans Alan Morelli and Kevin Owens.

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