Craig Lenning Descends From The Mountains To Cook

Craig Lenning Descends From The Mountains To Cook

When Craig Lenning comes down from his mountain perch in Colorado to tackle the oceans of the world, his high-altitude training certainly pays off some sweet dividends.

Lenning has completed 4 of the 7 Oceans Seven to date: North Channel, English Channel, Catalina Channel, and Tsugaru Channel. He has also done ice swims and swims across Lake Tahoe and around Manhattan Island and won the 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim.

His next stop on the Oceans Seven circuit is coming up between March 18th-24th when he travels to New Zealand and will meet up with Darren Miller, to take on the Cook Strait.

On his escort boat, he will have his wife May and the renowned Philip Rush at the helm as he attempts to cross 16 nm (29.6 km) between the North and South Islands of New Zealand to accomplish his fifth channel of the Oceans Seven.

He has proven himself under all kinds of conditions from ice swims to high-altitude lake swims, so pending moderately favorable conditions, the man from up high is expected to put his head down and calmly cross from one side to the other in the Cook Strait.

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