Craig Lenning Faces Down Second Lake Monster

Craig Lenning Faces Down Second Lake Monster

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Phil White reported that Craig Lenning completed his mission in 15 hours 5 minutes to swim the length of Lake Memphremagog between Vermont (USA) and Quebec (Canada) as part of the Triple Crown of Lake Monster Swims.

We added a fifth consecutive blue light at The Clubhous to commemorate his swim,” explains White. “The first blue light stands for his Triple Crown achievement of his English Channel crossing, Catalina Channel crossing and swim around Manhattan Island. The second blue light commemorates his participation in the Bering Strait International Relay. The third blue light is for his Farallon Islands Swim and the fourth blue light is for his swim at the International Ice Swimming Championships at Murmansk, Russia.

Craig will next join Sarah Thomas and Elaine Kormbau Howley during the week of August 22nd to attempt a crossing of Loch Ness to search for Nessie

Lenning and Thomas will attempt In Search of Nessie in order become the first people in history to complete the Triple Crown of Lake Monster Swims, swims across Loch Ness (with its Nessie), Lake Tahoe (with its Tahoe Tessie) and Lake Memphremagog (with its Memphré). Ryan Tozer of iPowerboat will escort them across Loch Ness.

1. Sarah Thomas has completed a crossing of Lake Tahoe (two-way) and Lake Memphremagog (two-way) while Elaine Howley has crossed Lake Memphremagog.
2. Lenning was escorted by kayaker Don Houghton Jr. of Craftsbury and was supported by his wife and crew May Spengler.

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