Cramping And Clawing Leads To Conclusion

Cramping And Clawing Leads To Conclusion

Data courtesy of the Marathon Swimmers Forum along the California coast.

This early Friday morning 5.5 miles from the Farallon Islands, Captain Vito Bialla pulled the plug on the 5-member Great British Farallon Swim team. Four hours 40 minutes after they started on the Farallon Islands in sub-10°C water, their dreams were over.

When Captain Bialla saw the team cramped and clawing in the water, it was over for John Gunn, Mary Stokes, Ali Wilde, Ed Morgan and Simon Clarke.

The quartet gave it their all and gave it a go as many soloists and relay teams have done since the 1960s. But few have succeeded in one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the open water swimming world.

Gunn said, “We thought we’d give it a go, while raising money for the RNLI [Royal National Lifeboat Institution] lifeguards over in the UK.”

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