Crazy Fun Times In Tex Robertson Highland Lakes

Crazy Fun Times In Tex Robertson Highland Lakes

Crazy Fun Times In Tex Robertson Highland Lakes

Courtesy of Sandy Neilson, Austin, Texas.

3-time Olympic gold medalist Sandy Neilson reported from Austin, Texas, “With the help of swimmers, safety paddlers, boaters, sponsors and our trusty race crew, the 2019 Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge was a successful, fun and safe race as it traversed down the 5 beautiful Highland Lakes of Central Texas between October 23rd and 27th.

Hosted by Winning Isn’t Normal™ Events, the first open water swimming stage race — currently in its 13th year — proved its name relative to the conditions that presented with each day’s swim.

A cold front blew in, dropping the Texas hill country temperatures from the high 90°s F into the 40°s F and 50°s F, which only made the mid-70°s F water temperature feel that much more inviting. Winds kicked up with 20 mph with gusts, at times making the challenge even that much more rewarding and fun for participants.

Winning the Monster Challenge Men’s division for his third time was 58-year-old Andreas Lorenz who completed the 5-day stage swim with a total distance of 15 miles in 6 hours 45 minutes 26 seconds. 13-year-old Gertie Kate Adair placed 3rd overall in the Monster Challenge and won the women’s division in 8 hours 30 minutes 52 seconds.

54-year-old Robert Alford won the Weekend Warrior, the 3-day edition of 8.4 miles, in 4 hours 4 minutes 3 seconds

The annual Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge takes place on the following courses:

* Lake Buchanan: 4.3-mile Buchanan Buster on October 23rd
* Inks Lake: 2.6-mile Tex’s Darn Challenge on October 24th
* Lake LBJ: 2-mile LBJ Loop on October 25th
* Lake Marble Falls: 3.1-mile Swim the Canyon on October 26th
* Lake Travis: 3.3-mile The Home Stretch on October 27th

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Monster Challenge Cumulative Results:
1. Andreas Lorenz (58) 6:45:26
2. Reed Cornelius (35) 7:41:29
3. Gertie Kate Adair (13) 8:30:52
4. Ellis Merschoff (69) 8:47:50
5. Kelsey Gliesing (32) 8:59:53
6. Daniel Andrews (31) 10:06:34

Weekend Warrior Cumulative Results:
1. Robert Alford (54) 4:04:03
2. Tim Murphy (50) 4:54:15
3. Timothy Skelly (57) 5:07:25
4. Ryan McDonald (25) 5:28:30
5. Jodi Oates (54) 5:36:50
6. Scott McDonald (53) 5:45:17
7. Gregory Diven (57) 6:01:20

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