The Creme de la Creme Meet Virtually At The Forum

The Creme de la Creme Meet Virtually At The Forum

As a group, there is no collection of open water swimmers as focused and passionate about open water swimming than marathon swimmers. They spend the most amount of time in the water and they spend the most amount of money on their sport.

They often train year-round for a swim that can depend on the fickleness of water temperature or a quick change of tides.

Marathon swimmers are an exclusive bunch, fiercely protective of the open water swimming tradition of no neoprene, and the strict rules of channel swimming.

For these individuals, they can discuss the pain and the pleasure of their exploits, the equipment and the escorts of their swims, the courage and the camaraderie that is shared on the shores of Dover, Cape Town, Catalina, Molokai, Spain, or any number of lakes and channels around the world.

They can do so now one-on-one via email or telephone.

But now they can do so collectively online due to the vision and efforts of Evan Morrison (shown above) and Donal Buckley via the new Marathon Swimmers Forum.

Donal wrote, “As a group, we wish to see marathon swimming continue to be celebrated and encouraged, and confusion with other types of swimming reduced (which intends no disrespect to those swimmers and swims). The Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation email group, Facebook and various Association’s websites and blogs and email lists already play an important global role in communication, education and connection. Marathon Swimmers Forum is not intended to replace or compete with any of those, or any other medium, but is hoped to promote, help and add to our global community.”

Visit the Marathon Swimmers Forum here.

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Steven Munatones