Crimson Elite Swimming Opportunity

Crimson Elite Swimming Opportunity

Crimson Elite Swimming Opportunity

Courtesy of WOWSA, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Over the decades, there have been many swimmers who have studied at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

From Olympic medalists Bobby Hackett, David Berkoff and Neville Hayes to world open water swimming champions Alex Meyer and Steven Munatones, and United States presidents who bodysurf (President Obama) or who were naval officers (President Kennedy) or who swam in the Potomac River every morning (President John Adams), the university has long attracted aquatic-oriented types.

Under the direction of head coach Kevin Tyrrell, high school students can visit Harvard and experience first-hand the collegiate swimming world. He explains, “The Crimson Elite Swim Clinic’s goal is to expose swimmers to the college swimming experience. We aim to introduce and educate athletes on the daily life of a college swimmer. Our job is to provide swimmers with a positive experience where they can leave with more knowledge about NCAA Division I, II and III swimming.”

Associated head coach Samantha Pitter adds, “This two-day intensive clinic will cover all of the aspects of a college swimming program including recruiting, training, dryland, campus life and a competitive swim meet.”

For more information on the Crimson Elite Swimming camps, visit here.

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