Crossing The Bering Strait, The Long Course

Crossing The Bering Strait, The Long Course

The members of the International Relay Swim Across The Bering Strait including 45 swimmers from the UK, USA, Canada, China, Czech Republic and Russia.

The individuals are all experienced ice- and cold-water swimmers who have trained specifically for extreme conditions – which they will undoubtedly encounter in the 86K across the Bering Strait, first famously crossed by Lynne Cox in 1986.

1. Belyaev Dmitri (Russia)
2. Alexander Brylin (Russia)
3. Victoria Brylin (Russia)
4. Daniel Brylin (Russia)
5. Wang Ying (China)
6. Igor V. Velichko (Russia)
7. Vladimir Ganin (Russia)
8. Victor Godlevsky (Russia)
9. Denis Grishchenko (Russia)
10. Elena Guseva (Russia)
11. Jack Bright (UK, shown above)
12. Zhao Rui Ping (China)
13. Nina Yermilov (Russia)
14. Roman Efimov (Russia)
15. Stanislav Zverev (Russia)
16. Paul Koshelenko (Russia)
17. Anatoly Lebedev (Russia)
18. Irina Makarova (Russia)
19. Victor E. Maksimihin (Russia)
20. Andrei Mikhalev (Russia)
21. Michelle L. Macy (USA)
22. Victor Muzhetsky (Russia)
23. Oleg Dokuchaev (Russia)
24. Oscar G. Caballero Vaca (Bolivia)
25. George Parkhomenko (Russia)
26. Nicholas Petshak Leonardovich (Russia)
27. Tatyana Pilipenko (Russia)
28. Sergei Popov (Russia)
29. Sinatulin Vladimir Arifulovich (Russia)
30. Natalie Fatyanova (Russia)
31. Jiang Liang Jie (China)
32. Qu Chun I (China)
33. Vladimir Chegorin (Russia)
34. Daria Chervonenko (Russia)
35. Chen Lung (Russia)
36. Valeriy Chernyshev (Russia)
37. Alexander Cherkasov (Russia)
38. Alexander Yurkov (Russia)
39. Bill Thomas (USA)
40. Gela Gelashvili Vazhovich (Russia)
41. Jidkova Irina Timirshaevna (expedition doctor)
42. Andrei V. Zhadik (Russia)
43. Malakhovsky Mikhail (Russia)
44. Vyacheslav V. Semenov (Russia)
45. Marat Galiev Muhamedovich (Russia)

Jack Bright, a filmmaker of extreme ice swimming, is an example of these hardy aquatic adventurers. He is a professional winter swimmer winter who swims 2-3 times a week in the open water during winter. I regularly swim 750 meters at 0°C in the Czech Republic.

In Austria in 2009, he swam 1K in water temperature of 0.8°C with the air temperature at -10°C. “I like the complexity of winter swimming and incredible sense of closeness to nature, it gives me.”

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