CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championship Psych Sheet - Men

CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championship Psych Sheet – Men

The 2021 College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) will organize the annual CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championship, a 5 km race in Lone Star Lake near Lawrence, Kansas on September 17th. This will be the fifth time for Kansas University to host the event and first since 2019.

Shelley Taylor-Smith interviews Clark Campbell

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, two juniors Moritz Bartels of Grand Valley State University and Taylor Pike of Texas A&M won the individual titles while Rice University and Grand Valley won team titles at the 2019 CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Championship.

The University of Kansas hosted the event for the fourth consecutive year. “I cannot be thankful enough for all the people who poured a lot of time and effort into this,” explained Head Coach Clark Campbell. “From facilities to media relations, to athletic training. The entire athletic department really embraces this event and they put on a really good race that the kids get excited about. It is a great way to start the year.”

CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championship Psych Sheet (Male)

Franci Aleski, Ashland University
MatthewFilsinger,Ashland University
JoshuaHagan,Ashland University
Kodee Eads, Carson-Newman University
Adam Jones,Carson-Newman University
Nico Lenuza,Carson-Newman University
James Little,Carson-Newman University
ClydeCrouse, Emmanuel College
AmadauszKielczewski, Emmanuel College
EnzoKihara, Emmanuel College
LeonaradoTrevisan, Emmanuel College
Samuel Jyawook, Maryland Baltimore County
StephenGilbert, Milligan University
BenHawkins, Milligan University
EthanMcCosh, Milligan University
AndreSemensato, Milligan University
ThibaultAuger, Northern Michigan University
Grant Combs,Northern Michigan University
ErikasKapocius,Northern Michigan University
ZachOndrej,Northern Michigan University
JasperPullinen,Northern Michigan University
AndrewEhler, Oklahoma Christian University
MichaelFields,Oklahoma Christian University
SamFoster,Oklahoma Christian University
ZacHawes,Oklahoma Christian University
ElijahTung,Oklahoma Christian University
SamFlessner, Southern Illinois University
AustinKinsler,Southern Illinois University
IanMarshall,Southern Illinois University
BenRutledge,Southern Illinois University

For more information on the September 17th championship event, visit here.

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