CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championship Psych Sheet - Women

CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championship Psych Sheet – Women

The 2021 College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) will organize the annual CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championship, a 5 km race in Lone Star Lake near Lawrence, Kansas on September 17th. This will be the fifth time for Kansas University to host the event and first since 2019.

Shelley Taylor-Smith interviews Clark Campbell

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, two juniors Moritz Bartels of Grand Valley State University and Taylor Pike of Texas A&M won the individual titles while Rice University and Grand Valley won team titles at the 2019 CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Championship.

The University of Kansas hosted the event for the fourth consecutive year. “I cannot be thankful enough for all the people who poured a lot of time and effort into this,” explained Head Coach Clark Campbell. “From facilities to media relations, to athletic training. The entire athletic department really embraces this event and they put on a really good race that the kids get excited about. It is a great way to start the year.”

CSCAA National Collegiate Open Water Swimming Championship Psych Sheet (Female)

Kaci Agre, Ashland University
Morgan Gardner, Ashland University
Sydney Kermath, Ashland University
Summer Osbourne, Carson-Newman University
Rachel Peden, Carson-Newman University
Rebecca Peden, Carson-Newman University
Linda Ungerboeck, Carson-Newman University
Molly Brennan, Duquesne
Orla Egan, Duquesne
Emma Menzer, Duquesne
Madison Caserio, Fresno State
Rylee Gordillo, Fresno State
Darina Khisiamova, Fresno State
Abigail Rousseau, Fresno State
Gabriella MacPherson, Milligan
Zoey Dodson, New Mexico State
Nicole Salladin, New Mexico State
Maria Arakelian, Northern Michigan
Vanessa Steigauf, Northern Michigan
Jordan Gorham, North Texas
Karigan Stanley, North Texas
London Farris, North Texas
Mallory Mead, Oklahoma Christian
Cheyenne Parks, Oklahoma Christian
Jennifer Mann, Olivet
Sydney Morgan, Rice University
Shannon Campbell, Rice University
Shannon Jelley, Rice University
Amelia Kane, Rice University

Bryanna Vasquez, North Texas
Izabela Zekuciova, North Texas
Hannah Bruno, UNC-Asheville
Caitlyn Hefner, UNC-Asheville
Nora Segurola Larrinaga, UNC-Asheville
Gabrielle Shenot, UNC-Asheville
Cailin Campbell, Vermont
Kara Campbell, Vermont
Eleanor Martin, Vermont
Mina Pappos, Vermont
Molly Williams, Vermont
Kate Beavon, Purdue
Abigail Jahns, Purdue
Madeline Johnson, Purdue
Hayley Pike, Purdue
Evelyn Sierra, Purdue
Eden Girloanta, Southern Illinois University
Nicole Horton, Southern Illinois University
Maria Sanchez Gongora, Southern Illinois University
Ana Tanda Ocampo, Southern Illinois University
Megan Carson, Richmond
Alexa Connors, Richmond
Petra Mijic, Richmond
Grace Palfreyman, Richmond
Leigh Spicer, Richmond
Jennifer Mann, Olivet
MacKenzie Bravence, Unattached
Alexandra Vanderloo, Unattached
Madeline Banks, Georgia Southern
Zurine Clavo, Georgia Southern
Grace Drawdy, Georgia Southern
Emma Sutton, Georgia Southern
Maggie Marody, Niagara
Avery Sanquist, Niagara
Vanessa Steigauf, Niagara
Allison Stoehr, Niagara
Addi Barnes, Kansas
Katie Callahan, Kansas
Claire Campbell, Kansas
Kara Church, Kansas
Greta Olsen, Kansas
Millie Sicko, New Mexico State
Audrey Coffey, Nebraska
Katelyn Kilpatrick, Nebraska
Illaria Muzilli, Nebraska
Rachel Powers, Nebraska
Molly Rosenthal, Nebraska

For more information on the September 17th championship event, visit here.

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