Culminating The Swim Across The Continents

Culminating The Swim Across The Continents

In order to promote the last leg of his Swim Across The Continents, Marcos Díaz is planning a swim from the United Nations.

Since May, Dominican Republic’s Marcos has engaged an innovative and ambitious project called the ‘Swim Across The Continents‘ for the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

Marcos has swum between the Pacific and Asia (from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia on May 15th), between Asia and Africa (from Jordan to Egypt on June 20th), between Africa and Europe (from Morocco to Spain on July 30th) and will swim between Europe and America (from Russia to Alaska).

On September 15th after completing these four crossings, Marcos will visit New York City to do a symbolic swim from the Statue of Liberty to the Gantry Plaza State Park in front of the United Nations headquarters. In a dramatic touch, he will deliver a document to the Secretary-General of the United Nations that contains the signatures and wishes of the hundreds of thousands of people that have joined this project in a very special and unique way to demand the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in a fight against poverty.

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