The Culture And Sport Of Open Water Swimming Tours

The Culture And Sport Of Open Water Swimming Tours

Open water swimming tours, expeditions, camps, clinics, holidays and conferences are a great way for swimmers to mix the best of the aquatic environment and their like-minded colleagues on terra firma. Not only is swimming side-by-side with teammates and newly found friends enjoyable, but so is talking about the sport and sharing stories of races, conditions and locations part of the allure of open water swimming holidays and tours.

Aida Molina of Culture Sport in Spain, Simon Murie of SwimTrek in England, Martin Strel of Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays in Slovenia, Mark Roche of Blue Skies Adventures in Taiwan, and George “Hopper” McDonough of SwimVacation in Maine understand how to ideally blend open water swimming with memorable land-based activities with fellow swimmers in exotic, idyllic vacation destinations around the world.

All these open water swimming tour operators are run by passionate open water swimmers with personal endurance sports backgrounds who profoundly understand what swimmers of all ages and abilities are looking for and appreciate. “Nothing beats open water swimming holidays for fun,” as Aida touts, but the guides and coaches also share and explore the best that each destination offers from various perspectives: historically, environmentally, culturally, and gastronomically.

We offer swimmers a whole range of information about open water events, training opportunities or competitions in the local areas that will stir your interest,” explains Aida whose non-stop potpourri of culture + sport led to her travel concept at Culture Sport ( “Enabling an appreciation for and access to the local culture allow swimmers to better appreciate swimming in other countries as well as another way to practice it. We arrange group training sessions at Olympic pools with local swimmers before the race. In addition to training, we offer group bonding with an emphasis on sportsmanship and achievement. We also have team-building sessions and friendly competitions against equally-matched local swimming clubs in Spain.”

And, of course, the open water swimming operators set up shop in some of the best beaches and lakes in the world, from Mexico to England, from Spain to Taiwan, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. The world of open water swimming is lapping at its shores.

As Simon says, “Why not try something different and exciting?”

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Steven Munatones