Czech The Triple Crown Off Abhejali Bernardova’s List

Courtesy of Abhejali Bernardova, Catalina Channel, California.

Abhejali Bernardova from Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Czech Republic swam the Catalina Channel on August 17th-18th in 9 hours 46 minutes.

By completing this swim she became the first Czech swimmer to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

I had a great team on board: pilot John Pittman and his crew, helpers from the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Jayalata Dadkovicova (Czech Republic), Harita Davies (New Zealand) and Jennifer Cluck and Amber Lee (USA). The observers from the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation Monica Bender and Nathan Muldoon are both Catalina soloists and it was a pleasure to have them on the swim. Thank you also to Amy who kayaked, taking turns with Harita, and all the supporters around the world too.

The swim was totally magical with the bioluminescence at night and dolphins near the finish

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