The Daily News Of Open Water Swimming Is Hiring

The Daily News Of Open Water Swimming Is Hiring

Passionate about open water swimming? Knowledgeable about open water swimming?

Want to share your insight on the sport with tens of thousands of other open water swimming enthusiasts?

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming is looking for individuals – of all ages and backgrounds – with passion, experience and insight. Swimmers and non-swimmers around the world who can write, cover, photograph and film open water swims on a part-time basis are highly desired.

Additionally, individuals who can cover the sport in languages other than English are especially sought as the Daily News of Open Water Swimming is expanding to different languages in order to better cover the rapidly expanding sport.

If you meet these criteria, please send your resume, letter of interest and two article samples on an actual race or swimmer to the Editor-in-Chief at Daily News of Open Water Swimming.

• Ability to write interesting, concise, eloquent 100 – 500 word articles on open water swimmers and open water events.
• Ability to research and write interesting and eloquent 500 – 1000 word article on open water trends and open water happenings (e.g., rule changes, demographic shifts, equipment reviews)
• Ability to provide photographs to accompany the articles listed above.
• Ability to write at least two articles per month (24 articles per year).
• Willingness to answer emails in response to all articles submitted.

Applicants do not need to be professional writers or reporters. However, every applicant must submit two article samples as part of the application process. These samples must be factual and based on an actual race or swimmer.

Applicants who can write articles in languages other than English, please submit your articles in your native language along with a suggested English headline.

Applicants who can write clear, interesting articles in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese are especially sought. However, any language is of interest to the Daily News of Open Water Swimming.

Individuals will be compensated on a per-article basis.

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