Damián Blaum Swims To A Dream Come True

Damián Blaum Swims To A Dream Come True

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Damián Blaum won today’s Maratón Acuática Internacional Santa Fe – Coronda, his first career victory in the opening stage on the 2017 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit.

Blaum completed the 57 km race in 8 hours 28 minutes, comfortably beating second-place Edoardo Stochino of Italy (8 hours 33 minutes 50.43 seconds) who just barely touched out third-place Evgenij Pop Acev of Macedonia (8 hours 33 minutes 50.75 seconds)

35-year-old Blaum led the race from start to finish. He quickly opened up a 100-meter lead and continued to slowly increased that lead to a maximum of 9 minutes. It was a gap of 14 years for a swimmer from Argentina to win the longest race on the circuit.

Final Results:
Damián Blaum (Argentina) 8 hours 28 minutes 16.14 seconds
Edoardo Stochino (Italy) 8 hours 33 minutes 50.43 seconds
Evgenij Pop Acev (Macedonia) 8 hours 33 minutes 50.75 seconds
Simone Ercoli (Italy) 8 hours 41 minutes 28.53 seconds
Matheus Evangelista (Brazil) 8 hours 43 minutes 12.93 seconds
Edouard Lehoux (France) 9 hours 6 minutes 14.19 seconds
Aquiles Balaudo (Argentina) 9 hours 10 minutes 37.68 seconds
Matías Diaz Hernandez (Argentina) 9 hours 14 minutes 48.49 seconds
Aleksandar Ilievski (Macedonia) 9 hours 16 minutes 16.10 seconds
10º Samir Barel (Brazil) 9 hours 23 minutes 6.88 seconds
11º Luciano Nicolás Segurado (Argentina) 9 hours 26 minutes 47.38 seconds
12º Matías Aguirre (Argentina) 9 hours 34 minutes 27.55 seconds
DNF Mauricio Gatica (Argentina)

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