Dan And Gabby's Gone Swimming In Wales

Dan And Gabby’s Gone Swimming In Wales

Before there was a wild explosion of wild swimming, open water safety experts Dan Graham and Gabby Dickinson were exploring marine nature all over the world, both competitively and casually.

Observing, learning and doing, the pair established Gone Swimming to enable others to enjoy the North Wales that they obviously do in the Anglesey, Snowdonia and Lleyn Peninsula areas.

We are passionate about getting people enjoying the outdoors in one of the best adventure playgrounds in the UK,” writes the dynamic duo. Gone Swimming offers inexpensive weekend breaks and luxury week long escapes: click here to learn more.

Just lay around, swim about, dive under or run around the outdoor scenery that Graham and Dickinson enjoy.

Gone Swimming also advocated rubbish swimming where swimmers go beyond the leave no trace ethos; swimmers pick up and remove litter that plights the marine environment where they swim, leaving the sea and shore in better condition than it was when they arrived.

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Steven Munatones