Dan Boyle Brings Good Cheer To Winter Swimming

Dan Boyle Brings Good Cheer To Winter Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Dan Boyle of Boyle Software is a great fan of open water swimming, from marathon swimming to ice swimming. He has supported swimmers from New York City to the Caribbean Sea including kayaking for Penny Palfrey on both her 41-hour Cayman Islands channel swim and her 42-hour Cuba-to-Florida attempt.

But Boyle is not only a trusted and experienced crew member, he has also completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming himself.

Behind the scenes the English Channel/Catalina Channel/Manhattan Island Marathon Swim athlete remains supportive of the sport in numerous ways. Boyle recently donated an unsolicited US$1,000 gift to the fledging U.S. Winter Swimming Association as an unrestricted grant to support its activities and its upcoming U.S. Winter Swimming Championships.

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