Dan Boyle Does Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

Dan Boyle Does Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

Dan Boyle became the 59th person in history to complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with his completion of the Catalina Channel in 10 hours 55 minutes.

One of the key crew members of Penny Palfrey’s marathon swims around the world, Boyle took a little time off for himself and finished the trio of famed swims (English Channel + Catalina Channel + Manhattan Island Marathon Swim).

The New York software entrepreneur also completed Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 7 hours 45 minutes in 2005 and the English Channel in 13 hours 24 minutes in 2006 to join the exclusive marathon swimming fraternity.

“I had near-perfect conditions with the water temperature around 70°F (21°C) and beautiful bioluminescence at night. There were only minor swells, minimal chop and a morning marine layer. The only real headache was the constant jellyfish stings that were most painful on the ears, but I was also tagged on the forehead, face, lips, arms, stomach and legs. In such warm waters, the jellies really were relentless, night and day.”

With his experience helping others, Boyle was on the receiving end this time. “We call these things unassisted open water swims, but everyone knows they are impossible without the help, support, love and yes – assistance – of family, friends and crew. There’s a whole team that goes into making our solo swims a reality… and I’ve had the best assistance imaginable.”

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