Dan Martin Comes Clean In San Francisco

Dan Martin Comes Clean In San Francisco

Dan Martin temporarily moved his training base from his native Great Britain to San Francisco, California where he quickly proceeded to impress his American hosts.

Among a hardy crowd of traditionalists who do not complain in 50°F (10°C) water, Dan quickly stood out. “He continued to swim 8 hours a day in the Bay in 51°F,” remarked Vito Bialla.

His training – extraordinary for a normal human – is what will be required for this extraordinary man. At the very minimum.

He will swim the Atlantic over a 6-month period, swimming 8 hours a day out in the open ocean. We are humbled by him,” continued Vito who witnessed Dan’s ceremonial haircut.

This coming May, Dan will begin his Global Triathlon – where he will attempt to swim, cycle and run literally around the world, a circumnavigation of the Earth under his own power.

Dan’s Global Triathlon will include a grueling 5700-kilometer swim across the Atlantic Ocean, done under traditional stage swim rules where he will begin each successive stage in the precise point where the finished the previous stage. Under these rules, Dan will become the first human in history to literally swim across the Atlantic Ocean without any artificial aid – no wetsuit, no fins or protective swimwear

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Steven Munatones