Dan Projansky Flying Down The Red River To END-WET

Dan Projansky Flying Down The Red River To END-WET

Dan Projansky just seems invincible. He certainly just cannot get enough butterfly in.

After completing the inaugural 27-mile (43 km) Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test or END-WET all butterfly last year in 14 hours 30 minutes, Projansky was back in the Mighty Red River between Grand Forks, North Dakota and Oslo, Minnesota this past weekend for even more punishment.

And this time, he was ready and rocking. He blasted his best time and finished in exactly 11 hours 0 minutes, a full 3.5 hours better than his time last year. Projansky, ever so humble, explained the reasons why he was able to up the ante, “I was better prepared and had different protein drink. I’m very happy.”

Organized by Andy Magness, it is a charity swim to benefit Ground UP adventures, a North Dakota non-profit organization dedicated to bringing adventure to the region’s youth and larger communities.

This year’s other participants included:

* Mary Staples, age 31 from Smyma, Georgia
* William Murtha, age 38 from Dickenson, North Dakota
* Robert Naylor, age 55 from West Branch, Iowa
* Molly Nance, age 47 from Lincoln, Nebraska
* Karen Zemlin from Eden Prairie, Minnesota
* Sandra Bergquist, age 30 from Eden Prairie, Minnesota
* Caleb Kobilansky, age 21 from Grand Forks, North Dakota
* Jacob Reed from St. Peters, Missouri
* Landon Ascheman, age 32 from St. Paul, Minnesota
* Tim Root, age 30 from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
* Amanda Hunt from Naperville, Illinois
* Richard Schoenborn from Palm City, Florida
* Franco Prezioso, age 47 from Bel Air, Maryland
* Patricia Hermann from Houston, Texas
* Matthew Compton, age 22 from Cumming, Georgia
* Jen Schumacher from Los Angeles, California
* John Kenny, age 32 from Winnipeg, Canada
* Susana Maxi Martinez, age 17 from Colonial Heights, Virginia
* Ben Smith from Jamestown, North Dakota
* Scott Jensen, age 52 from Grand Forks, North Dakota
* Rob McClellan, age 40 from Simi Valley, California
* Carl Selles, age 66 from Aurora, Colorado
* John Brackett, age 64 from Stuart, Florida
* Michael Johman from Louisville, Kentucky

Results and race story are posted here.

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