Dan Redmond, Jessica Sloane Take Race For The Conch

Dan Redmond, Jessica Sloane Take Race For The Conch

The 4th annual Race for the Conch 2.4 miles and 1 mile swim events was an outstanding event yesterday. “The spirited chaos of open water swimming was seen in start of the 2.4 mile race,” recalls race director Ben Stubenberg.

No one got a scratch, but it certainly looks worse than it is. The 1-mile race was a little calmer, but there was incredibly strong competition in both. And there were lots of folks trying out open water racing for the first time.

Out of the 100 swimmers in both races, there were lots of returnees from last year and previous years which is always very gratifying

Dan Redmond, the defending champion in the 1 mile and a Turks & Caicos resident from the United Kingdom, swam away with the first place finish conch trophy in the one-mile men’s division. Jessica Sloane, a Turks & Caicos resident from Canada, also swam away with first place conch trophy for one mile women’s division.

It was overall a great day for an open water race, even with a short, gentle rain shower that cooled everyone off. From now on, we’ll have the race on the first Saturday of July, so next year’s Race for the Conch will be on July 5th, 2014.”

For more information on the absolutely gorgeous swim in the Caribbean Sea, visit www.ecoseaswim.com.

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