Daniel Douglas Di Pierro Crosses Bonifacio Twice

Daniel Douglas Di Pierro Crosses Bonifacio Twice

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Daniel Douglas Di Pierro, a 23-year-old Italian open water swimmer, successfully completed an unprecedented 32 km two-way crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio on July 5th between Sardinia-Corsica-Sardinia in 9 hours 43 minutes.

He swam 4 hours 38 minutes on the first leg and 5 hours 5 minutes on his return in the 24°C water, coached by Lorenc Feleqi of SDS Nuoto Giovinazzo as he overcame strong currents and steady winds.

I only encountered one jellyfish that hit my foot and there were not any waves on the first leg, but during the entire return leg, we faced 40-50 cm.

During the second half of the first leg, the sea current forced me to extend the intended course by 2 km and during my last 3 km of the return, I encountered a very strong sea current that took me 90 minutes for the last 3 km

He was escorted by Tommaso Muntoni and Mattia Milia of Diving Mediterraneo.

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