Daniel Vivero Swims Through The Night

Daniel Vivero Swims Through The Night

Michael Twigg-Smith reported on the successful 42 km Molokai Channel crossing of Daniel Vivero of Costa Rica on April 27th

Daniel started his swim at 5:50 pm on Papohako Beach on Molokai Island and finished at 11:53 am on Alan Davis Beach on Oahu.  There were no currents – except at the very end. The wind was fairly low but the seas were still large and lumpy.

While the Seakeeper made the [boat] ride very comfortable for crew and feeder, Daniel got stung and seasick and was encouraged along by feeder Dan Simonelli to continue.  Like a machine, he pushed through and finished in 18 hours 3 minutes where he was met on shore by legendary swimmer Bill Goding.  Many thanks to his great crew of Rylie Hager, Sean Wolf, and Shelley Oates-Wilding.

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