Daniil Orlov Wins World Junior Open Water Championships

Daniil Orlov Wins World Junior Open Water Championships

Photo courtesy of Hans-Peter Sick and results courtesy of FINA, Hoorn, Netherlands.

In the wake of the 2016 European Open Water Championships, the next generation of open water swimming stars showed off their talents in the same venue in Hoorn, Netherlands at the 2016 FINA World Junior Open Water Championships.

200 swimmers between the ages of 14 and 19 from 32 countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Spain, France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, USA, and Venezuela) are competing in a full schedule of races from July 16th to 18th in the third edition of the FINA World Junior Open Water Championships.

The opening day saw the 14-15 year old boys and girls race in the 5 km course and the 16-17 year old boys and girls compete on the 7.5 km course.

Daniil Orlov of Russia convincingly demolished the 14-15 boys in the 5 km by 26 seconds in winning time in 59:27.9. But the next four swimmers finished in a near dead heat, within one second of one other. Spain’s Eric Vilaregut earned the silver medal in 59:54.5 with Great Britain’s Hector Parode in third in 59:55.0.

It was a very good race and not too cold for me,” said the 15-year-old Russian victor who trains in the city of Rybinsk, 280 km north of Moscow.

14-15 Boys 5 km Results: 1. Daniil Orlov (RUS) 59:27.9
2. Eric Vilaregut (ESP) 59:54.5
3. Hector Pardoe (GBR) 59:55.0
4. Samuele De Rinaldi (ITA) 59:55.2
5. Zoltan Tabi (HUN) 59:55.6
6. Andrea Filadelli (ITA) 59:57.2
7. Jan Laudam (GER) 59:58.0
8. Thomas Jansen (NED) 1:00:00.0
9. Malek Louissi (TUN) 1:00:00.7
10. Alexis Vandevelde (FRA) 1:00:00.9
11. Ioan Evans (GBR) 1:00:05.9
12. Sijun Liu (CHN) 1:00:07.9
13. Kristoffer Schweder (GER) 1:00:11.1
14. Luo Zuo (CHN) 1:01:04.8
15. Moselhy Mohamed (EGY) 1:01:05.8
16. Rok Pecar (SLO) 1:01:06.1
17. Ivan Puskovitch (USA) 1:01:50.3
18. Alonso Serida Matsumoto (PER) 1:03:35.4
19. Lev Cherepanov (KAZ) 1:03:48.9
20. Sander Crooijmans (NED) 1:03:53.5
21. Diogo Cardoso (POR) 1:04:52.6
22. Hein Van Tonder (RSA) 1:06:46.6
23. Joseph Barriga Tonato (ECU) 1:08:41.6
DNF Ramiro Ruiz Caraballo (URU)
DNF Danil Nemolochnov (RUS)
DNF Steven Jaramillo Cobos (ECU)
DNF Elsaied Zeyad (EGY)
OTL Ivan Erik Fretes Conti (URU)
OTL Kyle Letley (RSA)

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