Darren Miller, First-Hand Thoughts On The Molokai Channel

Darren Miller, First-Hand Thoughts On The Molokai Channel

The key was the start in the morning, as I knew this would be a long journey,” recalled Darren Miller of his 12 hour 12 minute world record swim in the Molokai Channel.

This swim was just so demanding, psychologically.

There were so many logistical problems we had to overcome – tides, swells, win – compared to any of the other swims thus far [English Channel, Catalina Channel, Tampa Bay Marathon Swim]. Jeff Kozlovich was reviewing charts constantly and did a fantastic job.

We thought we would be going early [on Wednesday], but that changed. Everyone was telling me about the box jellyfish warning on Friday. It turned out to not be an issue. I was having problems sleeping. Three nights prior to the swim, I got no sleep thinking about it so much. Molokai was so remote, and the van we rented was old, and broken down.

We had such a crazy time getting from the hotel to the dock. It was an hour drive through a dusty, rough, off-road trail. The toughest part was to just get the swim started.

The water was absolutely beautiful, perfectly clear, warm and just seemed to go down forever. Overall, it was constantly beating me up from about mile one until the finish. Jeff said the swim conditions were quite similar to Penny‘s Molokai swim. I was expecting this; however, nothing could prepare me for such an open ocean experience.

We had an ever-changing tide which was helping us along [which] eventually turned in a westerly direction, which forced us to have to compensate in the other direction. The final 3-4 miles was constant heavy chop. I did take a man o war sting to the face and . I made a final hard push to break through it. I did a couple somersaults at the finish in the shore break, ran out and finished in the dry sand

In record time.

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