Darren Miller Taking Fourth And Fifth Steps Towards Oceans Seven

Darren Miller Taking Fourth And Fifth Steps Towards Oceans Seven

The intrepid Darren Miller is prepared to step up the ranks of the Oceans Seven challengers on May 1st, pending favorable weather conditions.

The Strait of Gibraltar and the Tsugaru Channel are the next of his agenda after completing the English Channel (July 2010), Catalina Channel (August 2011) and Molokai Channel (October 2011).

With Jamie Patrick, Jen Schumacher and Oliver Wilkinson accompanying him along the fourth stage, the self-dubbed Team Very Perfect Coordinate, can be tracked by a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. Their location, along with pictures and live updates from the crew will be found on Miller’s blog with updates provided by his support team.

In order to prepare for the upcoming swim, Miller has spent hours training in the elements at Keystone Lake in Derry, Pennsylvania as well as doing distance running and cycling and maintaining a diet rich in proteins and nutrients. In addition to his venture between Spain and Morocco, Miller is also competing in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in June, the 26-mile Red River Swim in North Dakota and the Tsugaru Channel in Japan in July.

With swims across three continents (Europe, North America and Asia), Miller is channeling the feats and aura of Dave Barra in 2010.

Miller is swimming to benefit Team Forever and the Forever Fund, a charitable foundation dedicated to helping families struggling to afford the costs associated with infant cardiothoracic surgery that takes place in the cardiothoracic unit of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Miller is sponsored by Trustmont Financial Group and 100% of all donations go toward the Forever Fund. Every contribution is important and charitable donations to Team Forever and the Forever Fund not only help save lives, but provide the opportunity for funding of vital medical research concerning infant cardiothoracic care.

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