Darren Miller's Experience In The North Channel

Darren Miller’s Experience In The North Channel

After Darren Miller finished his North Channel crossing and achieved his Oceans Seven goal, he kept busy.

I just finished up radio interviews and television interviews via Skype – the words just don’t flow as smoothly after today,” described Miller.

It was an incredible day out on the North Channel. The weather was overcast and ‘mild’ by Northern Ireland standards. Then it became cooler through the final hours of the swim. The water was a little ‘lumpy’ – as Oliver Wilkinson states – yet became ‘oily’ – as Shelley Taylor-Smith states – on occasion. I was told the water temperature held around 13ºC (55ºF) throughout. This made me pretty excited since I had never swam in that temperature for any distance – especially coming from training in 25ºC (77ºF) throughout the summer months.

I saw plenty of Lion’s Mane jellyfish, yet I was lucky to dodge some of the larger ones, and only took a few of the smaller ones.

The finish was on a rocky cliff, and got to meet Maggie Kidd – who gave me a letter and bottle of Scotch – in Scotland after the completion. I also did see Pat’s boat for a brief minute as we passed each other which was pretty awesome to experience

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