Darren Miller Has A Leg Up On The Oceans Seven

Darren Miller Has A Leg Up On The Oceans Seven

Darren Miller, who swam across the English Channel in 2010 and the Catalina Channel earlier this year is off to Hawaii on his third leg of the Oceans Seven. He will attempt the 26-mile Molokai Channel that presents additional obstacles on the way to the Oceans Seven: strong currents that can blow a swimmer right into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, gigantic ocean swells that can swallow up escort boats, tiger sharks that can mistake a human for a seal, towering surf at the start and finish and energy-sapping tropical heat.

His window of opportunity is around October 21st with an early morning start. Despite the obstacles to success, Darren says, “I am confident just completing the Catalina Channel was a great warm-up for Molokai. I’m prepared for the journey.”

Darren is swimming to benefit the Forever Fund, a fund that aids families in their struggle to afford the costs associated with infant cardiothoracic surgery.

Darren’s progress during his Molokai attempt may be tracked here which will receive location updates every 10 minutes from a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.

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Steven Munatones