Dashing and Splashing In Bondi

Dashing and Splashing In Bondi

Courtesy of Oceans Swims, Australia.

Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid came up with the Duck Dash and the Bondi Splash N Dash, a charity fun run-swim-run biathlon event on Bondi Beach, Australia’s most famous shoreline venue.

Swimmers line up with their fins on and start running from the Bondi Pavilion to North Bondi where they inflate their own inflatable duck and then swim with their duck out around a buoy before coming back into shore. Participants finish with their fins and duck.

The Bondi Splash N Dash is the major event of the day with the top three finishers splitting a prize purse of $4000. Competitors run along Bondi Beach, then swim back and run again in a 1 km beach run + 1 km ocean swim + 1 km beach run.

The Bondi Splash N Dash and Duck Dash on November 21st raises funds for local youth charity WAYS (Waverly Action Youth Services), a local youth outreach centre.

For more information, visit Oceans Swim calendar here.

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