Data Search For Lake Tahoe Marathon Swims

Data Search For Lake Tahoe Marathon Swims

Courtesy of Dave Van Mouwerik, Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada.

Dave Van Mouwerik of the Lake Tahoe Marathon Swim Federation [shown on left] is soliciting information on the myriad Lake Tahoe swimming crossings in history. “I composed a request with fairly specific information in the hopes that I will capture some Tahoe Swimmers. We want to develop an authoritative and complete set of records.

Along with Tom Linthicum and Simon Dominguez, we are interested in collecting and assembling facts about, and evidence of, past Lake Tahoe Swims.

This has long been neglected, and it is high time that the marathon swim community have this information assembled and available in an authoritative, comprehensive manner. Dean Moser, Ken Harmon, and Tom Linthicum are providing a fair amount of information on past swims. Also, some information has been gleaned from Openwaterpedia.

Additionally, the Lake Tahoe Swim Society (LTSS) is being solicited for any records they have for swims between 2012 and 2015.

If you have swum across Lake Tahoe (unassisted marathon swims only), please send in as much information about that swim as possible (see below). Or, if you know someone who has swum across the Lake, encourage them to send in information.

1. Send information to

2. If you have an observer log of the swim, create a PDF or JPG of it, and email it to

3. Provide as much of the following information as possible:
* Year of swim
* Start Date
* Full Name
* Email
* Phone
* Sex
* Age (age on swim date)
* Country
* Resides (in USA: city/state; outside USA: city/country)
* Escort Boat
* Escort Captain
* Observer
* Support Crew
* Finish Date
* Start Time (down to seconds if possible)
* Finish Time (down to seconds if possible)
* Duration (down to seconds if possible)
* Crossing Length or Width
* Direction (north-south or south-north or east-west or west-east)
* Distance (in statute miles, down to tenth of mile)
* Route (from/to place names; latitude/longitude of start and finish if available)
* Notes including anything you’d like to add in the way of clarification
* Supporting Documentation including 1 or 2 photos (not more than that); a link to a single video of the swim; a narrative that you wrote about the swim (JPG or PDF); newspaper or magazine articles about your swim (JPG or PDF); a URL to blog or other online content that provides information on your swim
* State the rules of the swim that you undertook; state that you abided by them (if you did)

It would be easiest for me if you copied the list above, and filled in the information in the order that it appears in the list.

The Lake Tahoe Marathon Swim Federation expects to produce a solid and comprehensive list of successful Lake Tahoe Swims by mid-November 2016. “At that time, I will email each person who is on the list in order to review and confirm the information that I have assembled. So it would be very helpful if, when you send in your swim information, that you provide your email address and phone number.”

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Steven Munatones