DatDude On Open Water Swimming

DatDude On Open Water Swimming

For all those newcomers to open water swimming, Marcellus Wiley of ESPN, a former American football great, has some great words of wisdom and perspective.

Go here to hear Marcellus tell of his own story how he went from being fearful of swimming – unable and unwilling to even step in a pool – to enjoying the ocean with all its challenges:

I am Marcellus Wiley, DatDude, and today I am going to tackle the ocean. You see those waves out there? They hit a lot harder than the players do in the NFL. I have never been more scared and intimidated of anything in this world. You have to float, you got technique, you gotta move and you gotta breathe. That is a lot more elements that I am used to.”

Ready to get in here. The ocean is just begging for me. I still think every single stroke, especially when you past the waves, what is really out there. Just a lot of fear. I am sure nothing is going to happen. And I am sure it is just between my ears.”

List out the things in your own life that you put your limits towards or things that you find are so scary that you won’t even challenge yourself to partake in.
And go out there and just not walk up to it, go through it. Don’t let it get so big in your head that you do not make it manifest in your life

That is where I am right now. Facing my challenges and facing my fears. It hit me with a bang. I finally you got you something. Oh it was so sweet. You gotta do it. You gotta go. You have to overcome the fears. You gotta keep pushing your own limits. Don’t let anyone set them for you. You set them. I look it as an opponent. Every day I am getting better.”

So forget the scoreboard. Forget who is winning or losing. I am enjoying the game. It’s your turn.”

Marcellus certainly has a presence and an ambience about him. Watch here.

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