Dave Tonge Extends Himself Longer Than Ever Before

Dave Tonge Extends Himself Longer Than Ever Before

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

On June 11th, after months of training for a charity swim event in the UK, Dave Tonge MSc / FHEA of Wales established a new category with new rules in the counter-current pool swimming world.

He swam with a wetsuit in 26°C water, breaking up to 5 minutes every 30 minutes while permitting himself four hours out of the pool during the 24-hour event. Official World Record organized certified that Tonge set a record for the world’s longest wetsuit swim in an Endless Pool in Cardiff, Wales. The 24-hour challenge was streamed live while being observed and judged live by judges on YouTube due to COVID-19 restrictions.

He reached his goal and raised £10,000 for Velindre Cancer Hospital.  And he went beyond that, “During my training swim, I also raised £5300 for National Health Service [in the UK].”

Tonge, a former competitive swimmer and Ironman triathlete, is the owner and coach of Heathwood Swimming where he has over 25 years’ experience teaching and coaching all abilities. For more information about Heathwood Swimming, visit heathwoodswimming.com.

Tonge talks about his challenge and the circumstances leading up to and during the Official World Record on a recent WOWSA Live interview:

Tonge’s macerated skin of his hands due to the wet-wrinkling response in his fingers that wrinkle up due to prolonged time in the water. 

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