David Holscher Gets The Job Done Harmoniously

David Holscher Gets The Job Done Harmoniously

Dave Holscher got it done. After the disappointment of trying to set the world record last year and coming up short, Holscher and his Night Train Swimmers re-tooled, re-plotted, and focused on a new plan. Today, 100 hours 28 minutes after starting in Gaviota State Park, the team swam onshore together near the San Diego Yacht Club.

We really bonded as a team out there. We have to thank Mother Nature for her cooperation. Last year, the water was colder with more jellyfish.

But we hit some strong winds when we pulled out from the shore. We were about 8 miles from shore, when we got word that gale force winds of over 50 mph were expected. But no one panicked. We simply set a different course, taking a left shoulder turn at the Oil Derrick called Harmony. We set a way point down to San Diego and kept on that tangent the entire way.

We had planned to swim west of Catalina Island and cut through the Channel Islands, but conditions dictated a change of course. Everyone did their job and the team came through together. It feels really good

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