World Open Water Champion David Meca In Spanish

World Open Water Champion David Meca In Spanish

Jose Diaz of Nadandolibre interviewed International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame honor swimmer David Meca in Spanish here.

David not only was he a fast solo swimmer with the eighth fastest English Channel swim of all-time (7 hours and 22 minutes), but he also won two world swimming championships (2000 and 2005) and was creative and flexible enough to promote the sport with a few wetsuit swims.

Jose asked David a variety of interesting questions about his swims and his perspective of open water swimming, including what David thinks about when sees a map of the oceans. “I feel satisfaction upon recalling the various swims that I have already done and some anticipation with respect to new swims to be attempted.”

That kind of outlook of the waterways around the world is the common tie among passionate open water swimmers of any culture or country.

Photos courtesy of Jose Diaz.

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