David Miner Treks To Dryland

David Miner Treks To Dryland

Courtesy of David Miner, Sylva, North Carolina.

David Miner served as the visionary and race director of the 1 km, 2.5 km and 5 km Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water Swim, the 7 km Swim Around Lido Key, and the 10 km Swim Fort De Soto in Florida for many years. He also was a masters swimming coach and shared his enthusiasm for the open water far and wide.

Miner has recently launched a new business – Beer Treks, a brewery tour company in Sylva, North Carolina. He explains, “Our tours begin May 20th. This has been over a year in the making due to COVID-19, so it is exciting to finally get the tours started. Beer Treks are walking tours in downtown Sylva with a focus on sampling and learning about beer styles, the brewing process, history of beer, the stories behind the breweries, as well as having a fun and educational experience.

A certified beer expert, certified through the internationally recognized Cicerone Certification Program, which is the beer world’s equivalent to the Sommelier program for wine, leads each tour. The tours take you behind the scenes of the beer making process, teach you how to critically taste beer and learn why youprefer some beers over others, tell the story behind each brewery, and give you insight into the history of Western North Carolina beer.”

For more information and to book a tour, go to www.beertreks.com. Inquiries can be emailed to tours@beertreks.com.

As he starts his new adventure, Miner has turn buoys to sell (US$300): 6 orange 48-inch and 8 lime green 18-inch buoys with a hand pump. He explains, “All the buoys in great shape. One orange buoy has never been used. All the inflation and deflation valves work great. They are great for marking swim courses for events or training. I will ship if buyer is willing to cover 50% of the costs as the buoys are bulky and heavy and would probably have to be shipped in multiple boxes.”

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