David Radcliffe's Life Immersed In The Water

David Radcliffe’s Life Immersed In The Water

Courtesy of Underwater Audio, Catalina Channel, California.

David Radcliffe has lived a charmed life around the water, from growing up in Southern California to the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games to his career in the military and across the Catalina Channel and in various places around the world.

A member of The Old Men and the Sea, an octogenarian relay, he crossed the Catalina Channel in 2015 in 12 hours 15 minutes with other 80-year-olds.

He explains more about his fascinating swimming career in Underwater Audio‘s Immerse interview here.

Immerse is a talk podcast where Andrew McUne interviews people with goals, drive, vision, and unique perspectives.

Another Immerse interview with Patrick Fellows is posted here.

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