David Smith On Adventures And Being Over His Head On WOWSA Live

David Smith On Adventures And Being Over His Head On WOWSA Live

David Smith On Adventures And Being Over His Head On WOWSA Live

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David Smith has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine and Life Magazine – and being called The Real Life Indiana Jones, The Mystic Tarzan, The Real Most Interesting Man in the World, The Father of Extreme Sports among other descriptive titles.

In his second interview on WOWSA Live with Steven Munatones and Ned Denison of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Dr. Smith explained the following:

* his search for sponsors
* his perspective on risk management
* his thirst for traveling the globe
* his confidence
* his means to discover new places to explore and challenge himself
* his teamwork with locals during his adventures
* his experience with bulls and rhinos

Dr. David Smith, The Clairol Man
He explains, “My ambition doing new, novel, and impossible adventures was tremendous. My passion was to travel the world interfacing with people, creating a team with locals, cultures, sacred places doing extreme adventures, and breaking barriers. My thirst was an exploration into the unknown to learn from experience.

My life’s work was its own reward. I looked forward with passion, enthusiasm, and stimulation to take on the challenges. The quest to discover became my mantra. I use danger and impossible tasks as my allies

He added, “I became the Clairol Man when the company discovered surfers and swimmers blokes were lightening their hair with household detergents. I also paced Linda McGill when she became the first woman to break 10 hours in the English Channel.”

For more information about Dr. Smith, visit www.adventuresmith.net.

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