David Smith Talking Purity Of Purpose On WOWSA Live

David Smith Talking Purity Of Purpose On WOWSA Live

If David Smith, PhD is not literally the Most Interesting Man in the World, he certainly is in the top echelon.

The 81-year-old native and long-time author originally from San Francisco and now writing his memoirs in Santa Cruz was a fast teenage sprinter who played a number of sports. He later owned a bar in his mid-20’s before setting off on a number of solo open water and professional marathon races as well as undertaking a number of endurance challenges including swimming, paddling, running and climbing in the Suez Canal, the Nile River, Italy, Dardanelles, Macedonia, Spain, Morocco and many other places.

He talks about his purity of purpose, working out in Aquatic Park as a member of the Dolphin Club, racing against Abou Heif in the Nile, pacing Linda McGill to her English Channel record crossing, organizing a relay with Brojen Das, breaking the San Francisco Bay record of Ike Papke, getting in the way of military exercise in Morocco, planning with Captain Leonard Hutchinson, appearing on the cover of Life Magazine, serving as the Camel Man in tobacco commercials, finding sponsorships, building a shark cage, swimming the Strait of Gibraltar and Strait of Messina, and many other unusual experiences from the 1966 Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli to fighting with a crocodile and swimming for his life.

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