David Swift Returns To His Aquatic Roots

David Swift Returns To His Aquatic Roots

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

David Swift was a competitive swimmer in his youth, but then laid off swimming for four decades. “For 40 years, I got out of swimming. I was living life, raising a family and working,” he explains.

But then he hurt his knee and could not run anymore. The 60-year-old went back to his aquatic roots. “I started swimming again and got hooked. Open water swimming gives me the motivation to stay in shape.”

Swift’s words are echoed across the global open water swimming community where hundreds of thousands of former competitive pool swimmers find enjoyment in the tranquility and challenge of open water swimming, either for fitness or competition. “We have a lot of people doing our swims throughout the year,” says Pedro Ordenes of Water World Swim. “Many of them are newcomers, but many of them are also former competitive swimmers, whether it is in San Francisco Bay, the Galápagos Islands or Miami.”

Swift completed his sixth Alcatraz swim today at the 2-mile Alcatraz Classic for the Fastest from Alcatraz Island to the Alcatraz to St. Francis Yacht Club, finishing in 39:39.

For the overall race results, visit here.

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