The Dawn Patrol - Early To Bed, Early To Rise

The Dawn Patrol – Early To Bed, Early To Rise

LONG BEACH, California. There is something about swimming in the early morning, just before the sun rises. There is unique tranquility in the air, a peaceful time before day breaks.

Whether you are a swimmer in Melbourne, London, Barcelona, Okinawa, Sri Lanka or Long Beach, when the glorious rays of the sun pierce the darkness, life seems like a treasure. A natural kick-off to be healthy, active and productive.

The Dawn Patrol is one group of friends who started swimming together in the Long Beach Yacht Club pool in Southern California and then extended their aquatic lifestyle to the open water.

We’re just a group of middle-aged guys who found each other a few years ago in the Long Beach Yacht Club pool trying to get in shape and stay active. Soon we realized that we actually enjoyed swimming and found comfort and motivation swimming together. Early mornings before the world wakes up and the workday starts. That’s our thing.”

It is a good thing. As International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Benjamin Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

The family-oriented members of the Dawn Patrol include Scott Meyer, Chris Geer, Pete Cassiano, Matt Hanson, Steve Schlom, Michael Bergkvist, and Shawn Oatey.

Energetic, positive pillars in the community…and early risers…like many other open water swimmers around the world.

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Steven Munatones