Day 11: The Swim With Ben Lecomte

Courtesy of WOWSA, Pacific Ocean.

Lastest report from The Swim across the Pacific Ocean: “Flat batteries on the guiding boat forced the crew to retrieve Ben Lecomte to Seeker. The transfer was very challenging due to increasing swells, Seeker was slamming close to Discoverer (our dinghy). In the end, no drama, the crew handled the situation with focus, calm and humor as always.”

Lecomte wrote on his blog, “I woke up feeling like I had been riding a big roller coaster. Seeker was pitching up and down, we were going upwind and the waves were coming from the same direction as the wind. As a result, my morning protein shake came back up and became feed for the fish.

Around noon, I forced myself to eat some lunch, a combination of vegetable fried rice, I was able to keep it down, but I had to lay down most of the time until we reach our location. By that time it was 4 pm, I put my gear on and as we were getting ready on deck, a little private plane flew over us several times at low altitude. Back in Yokohama [Japan], we met a person who asked us to share our positions, he planned on doing a flyover. He had taken with him Dina, Ras and Hannah, our on-land crew members who took some pictures and video from the air.

It was a short day in the water, but still nice to be back. Paul stopped me at the end of the day, it was starting to get dark, birds were flying around me and had been following me for awhile. Were they welcoming me back?

The 8,721 km transoceanic stage swim can be tracked here. A Facebook link is here.

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Steven Munatones