Dearing Is the Darling Of FINA World Championships

Dearing Is the Darling Of FINA World Championships

Photo and results courtesy of Hans-Peter Sick of FINA, Hoorn, Netherlands.

In the past two Olympics, Great Britain, Hungary and Russia have dominated the Olympic podium in the 10 km marathon swim. Russia had Larisa Ilchenko win the 2008; Great Britain saw Keri-Anne Payne and Cassandra Patten capture silver and bronze in 2008; Hungary celebrated Eva Risztov’s gold medal in 2012.

The past may be a precursor to the future if the young women on the 10 km podium (18-19 years) at the 2016 FINA World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships continue to swim well.

The 18-19 age division in Hoorn was more like races at the senior elite level with photo finishes rather than several races at the junior level where races usually ended in commanding victories by gold medalists.

The conclusion of the teenage girls 10 km race was still up in the air as the swimmers sprinted down the finish funnel. When the lead pack of five swimmers came into the funnel, Hungarian Nikoletta Kiss had a slight advantage. But Alice Dearing of Great Britain came on strong and overtook her with 0.5 seconds to spare. Valeriia Ermakova of Russia was very close behind to capture the bronze medal over Alisia Tettamanzi of Italy.

The race was a little bit rough,”, recalled Dearing who has been competing in open water swims over the last four years. “I’m not so great surprised, as I was expecting a medal.

18-19 Girls 10 km Marathon Swim Results:
1. Alice Dearing (GBR) 2:04:25.1
2. Nikoletta Kiss (HUN) 2:04:25.6
3. Valeriia Ermakova (RUS) 2:04:27.0
4. Alisia Tettamanzi (ITA) 2:04:31.9
5. Sarah Thompson (AUS) 2:04:45.7
6. Adel Farkas (HUN) 2:05:01.6
7. Xiaoxiao Niu (CHN) 2:05:36.1
8. Serena Stel (NED) 2:05:40.8
9. Mariia Smoliakova (RUS) 2:05:44.6
10. Kendall Brent (USA) 2:05:45.3
11. Chenoa Devine (USA) 2:05:52.4
12. Astrid Iturbe (VEN) 2:05:52.6
13. Jeanette Spiwoks (GER) 2:06:05.5
14. Alena Benesova (CZE) 2:06:16.1
15. Shiyue Cao (CHN) 2:06:56.0
16. Lauren Teghtsoonian (CAN) 2:08:07.5
17. Judith Navarro (ESP) 2:08:09.4
18. Philippa Shuttleworth (GBR) 2:09:05.0
19. Carmen Le Roux (RSA) 2:10:26.5
20. Natsuki Kanamori (JPN) 2:15:05.7
21. Victoria Mock (CAN) 2:15:26.7
22. Claudia Ashby (NZL) 2:15:38.3
23. Sasha NOrdengen-Corris (RSA) 2:17:14.6
24. Akl Dana (EGY) 2:18:04.5
25. Xeniya Romanchuk (KAZ) 2:18:11.4
26. Hussein Nada (EGY) 2:25:58.0
27. Valeria Donayre Cabrera (PER) 2:26:51.3
DNF Alina Jungklaus (GER)
OTL Nina Rahkhimova (KAZ)
DSQ Rebecca Talanti (ITA)

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