Del Valle 5K And 10K Races A Hit In Year One

Del Valle 5K And 10K Races A Hit In Year One

Heidi George (10 km) and Trevor Gillis (5 km) won their respective races at the Del Valle Open Water Festival in northern California.

Barton Wells, founder of Athletic Director, finished second in the 10 km, but admitted there was nothing he could have done about George’s victory. “Heidi just swam away from me in the last 2K. Twice, I made really big pushes to try to get back on her draft, but I couldn’t do it. It was a nice race [that] was excellent in terms of safety – very well done. Safety was clearly a priority for the race director [who attracted] many masters participants in the 10K.”

The water temperature was 66-68°F (19-20°C) with fairly calm conditions at the start that churned up a bit towards the end.

Wells, who has done pro marathon races all over the world, explained, “…all-in-all I think it was extremely well run for the first time they’ve run a long race.”

Top 6 in the 10 km:

1. Heidi George, 2:10:14
2. Barton Wells, 2:10:47
3. Brandon Johnson, 2:15:32
4. Jeff Erwin, 2:15.55
5. Mallory Mead, 2:21:28
6. Rachel Knowles (15), 2:22:30

Top 6 in the 5:

1. Trevor Gillis, 1:05:02
2. Lisa Hazen 1:10:11
3. Jorge Angel, 1:10:25
4. Todd Arris, 1:10:31
5. Jeff Barriger, 1:11:03
6. Gordon Williams (15), 1:11:03

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