Demand Soars for SwimÖresund: International Swimmers Compete for Coveted Swimming Slots

Demand Soars for SwimÖresund: International Swimmers Compete for Coveted Swimming Slots

SwimÖresund, the first official governing body for this strait between Denmark and Sweden, welcomes swimmers from all over the world.

Fiona Southwell, a board member from Channel Swimming Association, is particularly excited about the success that has already turned SwimÖresund into an internationally known organisation.

Throughout the years, Fiona has helped establish SwimÖresund and this swimming strait. She has reinforced and supported SwimÖresund in areas where the organisation has had to make difficult decisions. Fiona says that getting to this point has been a very long journey, and that is why she is enjoying the feeling of finally having reached the goal.

All the international swimmers arriving from countries such as USA, Great Britain, Germany and Holland want to face the challenge of mastering these iconic, international waters – a strait that, amongst other things, used to be a popular hang-out for the mysterious Vikings[1].

Kathleen Wilson from USA, member of the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame, has already completed numerous marathon and ultramarathon swims, and she is looking forward to this particular challenge.

“The Oresund Strait had been on my mind after reading about it. I like to support new swim organizations and this was a swim of a nice distance (21k) as part of a vacation, it would allow for a trip to a country that I always wished to visit, Denmark, and some time in Sweden as well. My husband and I love history and Denmark has a fabulous history that we want to explore. I am looking forward to beautiful water, and working with a great organization like SwimÖresund.”

Kathleen Wilson adds:  

“This will be different from other swims. All swims have their personalities, greatly influenced byhistory. I feel that history as I swim – the lives lost over the centuries in swimming the English Channel, both wartime and peacetime. I can see the ancients traversing the Strait of Gibraltar, the centuries of beauty and isolation in Hawaii, the deeply meaningful Sea of Galilee and now, the proud Viking history.”

Swimmers who are going to take on the challenge include, amongst others, Thorsten Ullrich-Stegemann from Germany who has completed an Ironman in Hawaii five times. He also highlights the vast amount of history that Oresund offers. The same goes for Stephanie Kohl, also from Germany.

Thorsten Ullrich-Stegemann says: “The moment I heard about SwimÖresund, I was ready to take on this crossing. Next to this it is the Path of the Vikings, and the Kindoms of Sweden and Danmark fought about this Strait.”

Stephanie Kohl is also ready to face the challenge. She says: ”The Öresund swim is new and only an officially recognized swim since last year. Breaking new ground and embarking on a new open water challenge is something very specials in these days, where everything seems to have been conquered. Being among the first swimmers to do this challenge is obviously very attractive.”

The SwimÖresund committee is looking forward to welcoming Kathleen, Thorsten, Stefanie and all the other swimmers to Denmark during the upcoming season.

SwimÖresund is a WOWSA Certified Marathon Swim

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[1] (Aksel E. Christensen. (1957) Handels- og Søfartsmuseets årbog)

Dennis Holm