Denise Hearst Kicks It In The Open Water And Pool

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

59-year-old Denise Hearst of the Conejo Valley Masters won the January 2017 Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Swimmer of the Month for winning both the 2016 Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Series and Postal 400 Kick.

The Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Open Water Series included the Castaic Lake Open Water Swim, Seal Beach Rough Water Swim, Newport Beach Pier to Pier Ocean Swim, Don Burns Corona del Mar Ocean Swim, and Salt Creek Rough Water Swim. Heart won the Castaic 1-miler, the Newport Beach Pier to Pier 2-miler, and the Don Burns 1-miler.

The Postal 400 Kick (400 Kick for Time or 400 KFT) is a postal event among United States Masters Swimming members that can be done in either a 25-yard, 25-meter, or 50-meter pool during December. Masters swimmers may use any style of kicking and may change styles, but a kickboard must be used. There is no “stroking” into wall and no flip turns or fins allowed.

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Steven Munatones